Sunday, June 12, 2011

What electricity cuts mean for us?

** i was supposed to post this at 11:00 pm on the 11th but I only got back electricity 5 minutes ago (5 p.m. on the 12)

So, what does electricity cuts really mean?

It means the most obvious.. No electricity = no lights. It means reading and writing under a candle light, and while that sounds so nice, it's really just when you're watching a movie, in reality after a while it your eyes start to hurt.

It also means shortage of
water. Why? because the water pump needs power and a long period of no electricity, means the pump no longer works. Ok so no problem, we'll just buy water right? Well, water now is three times the price. Even if we theoretically had water, no electricity means the water heater will not be working as it depends on the electricity, so IF we had water, we would only have cold water.

Long electricity cuts also means that everything in the fridge will go bad. You can't really buy much for fear it might get spoiled. You have to buy things on a daily basis, and for people that are super busy these days, and can't buy food on a daily basis it means our meals are limited to pasta, rice & canned goods. (I'm not complaining, thank God for this as many people can't afford basic food items).

No electricity also means no internet or TV. If you work from home and need internet (like I do), you must find an alternative place to work. For me I've practically moved into two separate coffee shops that I often frequent.

No electricity also means you can't charge your phone, your computer, or your batter =for your camera. Sometimes I plug those things in the wall just in case electricity turns on while I'm asleep. You never know when they decide to turn it on.

It also means that when you finally sleep, you may be woken up in the middle of the night by the lights in the room when the electricity suddenly returned at 3 a.m.

It also means you can't use your vacuum cleaner nor the washing machine. The other day, when electricity turned back on, I jumped to get the vacuum cleaner, I'm not sure when I'll see it again.

I used to love the romantic atmosphere of candles, now I'm starting to hate them.

All this however is luxury compared to the fact that electricity cuts impact patients in hospitals who sometimes die due to the lack of appropriate medical care.

So, why don't we buy a generator for electricity?
Well, petrol is in shortage and it's double or three times the price. We would have to spend hours getting gas, or try to find someone with connection that will get us the petrol. That would be ironic during a revolution when we are calling for change and an end to “corruption.” :)

In my village, we don't have electricity at night. I know this and because I know it, I accept it and I don't complain when I go. But here, we are supposed to have electricity, and I'm not mentally prepared for these daily cuts. The infrequent electricity is almost a tease. Maybe it would be better if we just never had electricity. Also, it's quite irritating to live behind the Parliament building (just 50 meters away) and see it very WELL lit, while we are in total darkness.

I just finished typing this but can't upload it because there is no electricity, and therefore no internet. My computer's battery will shut down in approximately 19 minutes. If I post this on June 11 it means electricity returned, if not, I'll wait until he next day.


Natalia said...

Clearer, impossible! But, when all this electricity cut started? Or is it common in Yemen, as in other countries in the Middle East?

Unknown said...

i'm sorry, i never saw this comment until today, one year later! my apologies.
electricity cuts used to happen regularly but maybe once or twice a month for a couple of hours only (depending on the location of course) .
since the revolution, electricity cuts have become the norm, and we have cuts everyday, sometimes all day except for one or two hours.