Friday, October 24, 2008


Walking to the internet cafe near the apartment I noticed dark clouds. Could it be? Could it rain? It hasn't rained since i got here! I sat at the internet cafe for 10 minutes, then the rain started to pour. Kids that were playing video games left their games and ran to the glass door to watch the rain. The young men that were chatting or on facebook joined the boys. They were all standing in a straight line watching the rain. An older man in the cafe told us all that we should start praying because prayer during the rain is mustajab or "answered."

Rain continued to pour, and the three kids couldn't sit still, they finally opened the door and went out to play in the rain. I really wanted to join them, but people would have thought I was crazy.

The heavy rain reminded me of a summer day in Washington. Except that here it doesn't occur very often, and therefore it is much more appreciated.

After 20 minutes, the rain stopped, but the laughter of the kids continued. This is something they will talk about for the next week.


Negina said...

That was really beautiful. I love how everyone abandoned their computers to just go watch teh rain... wish I'd been there to see it.

woman from Yemen said...

sankyou negina.. ya really :)

Dina Badawy said...

it rained in masr? i've never seen one drop of rain fall...and you're expression of the event was so beautiful, i could envision it =)