Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple ways to support Yemen from abroad

Here are a few ideas for how you can help Yemen from abroad.  These are very broad and general ideas, but any effort is helpful and much appreciated. Once the Support Yemen website is running, it will include more detailed information regarding each point.

  • Read more about Yemen, understand it, and talk to your friends about it. (ask us for book recommendations if you like).
  • Know that it's ok to say I don't understand Yemen, after all it's a VERY complicated country.
  • For people on twitter, don't RT information on numbers of deaths or injuries without a source, because that could unintentionally contribute to misinformation which could be harmful to the cause. 
  • Show a film about Yemen and hold a discussion after wards. You can invite activists to speak via skype. 
  • Write about Yemen in your blog, website or on your facebook wall.
  • Add a book on Yemen to be read and discussed in your book club.
  • Hold a march to support Yemen and pass out leaflets and information about the events in the country.
  • Circulate information from various parts of Yemen, not just the capital. 
  • Circulate local blogs.
  • Lobby your government using reports by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International on Yemen.  In addition, to reports by local human rights groups and independent coalitions. 
  • Link Yemeni revolution to broader issues of social equality, freedom, and justice throughout the world.
  • Circulate information about the humanitarian situation, daily life, power outages, increase in prices, and economic disaster. 
  •  Circulate as many videos and photographs as possible. 
  • Help us consolidate all websites on the Yemeni Revolution.
  • Help raise funds for local humanitarian organizations to help alleviate ongoing crisis. 
  • Help set up a photography exhibit on the Yemeni Revolution. 
  • Help raise funds for Yemeni activists to come speak at an event in your school, organization, or community.
  • Create a supportYemen group in your community and join the Support Yemen campaign.  People in Yemen can provide the information, videos, photographs, and people abroad can do awareness raising, hold events, and campaign for Yemen.  (website coming soon: http://supportyemen.org/)
In the end, I would like to thank any of you, who took a moment to help Yemen.  Our struggle is a struggle for freedom and humanity, and you are an important part of the movement.

Monday, October 10, 2011

SupportYemen: Break the Silence Video in English

Video in English highlighting some of the reasons why people went to to the street in Yemen and demands of the revolutionaries.