Thursday, November 13, 2008

No wonder she's single!

Yesterday I had one of those days where I woke up in the morning and stood there staring at the closet and wishing I had a uniform to wear so I wouldn’t have to think so early in the morning. 

I tried on the first shirt, but umm na it wasn’t what I was looking for, so I threw it on the bed.  I tried the next shirt, but it’s getting cold now and this shirt won’t work, so I also tossed it on the bed.  I tried on the third shirt, but it was too tight, (must have been last night’s basboosa), so I also tossed it on the bed.  This process went on for about 10 minutes, until I finally selected the FIRST shirt I tried on.  Of course this made me think about the importance of trusting one’s instinct. 

I look down at my watch, crap it’s late!  Of course I couldn’t clean the pile on the bed, which is ok, cause I live alone right?! WRONG I left the apartment in a hurry contemplating the philosophy of trusting one’s instincts, and why humans are afraid to listen to their heart. 

I went to work all day, then around 6:00 p.m. I met up with some friends for dinner.  Around 8 p.m., I received a frantic phone call from my neighbor, who was wondering if I was home.  I said no, why? She says: “because the apartment door is open”, “what?” I say.  She says: “don’t worry I’ll go check it out.”  Before I could say no, she already hung up.

My neighbor, a 54 year old woman  her two sons, and the door man went up to my apartment.  They went inside to check if everything is ok.  They went into my room, and saw the “hurricane on my bed” and decided that there MUST have been a thief in the apartment who caused such destruction.  They called me to tell me to come because the room is a mess, and I should check for what’s missing!

At that moment, I had two choices:

  1.  Tell the truth, and admit that no, that mess was done intentionally, and forever be known as the “very messy single girl!”
  2. Tell the truth, but also explain that I’m not always that messy!
  3.  Lie and pretend a thief was in the apartment

One thing I’m terrible at is lying, so of course I ended up telling the truth, which is: I admit that I stupidly left the door unlocked, and I am the cause of that mess.  (I wanted to insert a message saying, please come tomorrow to see for yourself that the room is not always this messy, but I couldn’t).

The next day, I passed by my neighbors’ house to thank them, and their house keeper opened the door, and kindly said to me “sweetie, if you need help I can come upstairs and help you, I heard about the room!)



Negina said...

I think this is my favorite Egypt story so far... Especially the part where you leave the apartment philosophizing on why humans don't follow their first instincts... based on a SHIRT!!

woman from Yemen said...

hehehehehe yup yup that's my life story, over analyzing ridiculous things, which ends up making me lose focus of what's really important: LOCKING the door!

Dina Badawy said...

LOLLLL. omg im at work and TRIPPING out. i love you atiaf, only you can have stories like this! ditto to what negine said by the way!! =)

Niki said...

Hey! How come you didn't tell me you have a blog? This is great that you are writing, and what a hilarious story.

woman from Yemen said...

lol ya these things only tend to happen to me Dina, and i dont know why.

Niki, umm maybe cause there's nothing important in my blogs just me blabbing :)

Manal said...

LOOOOOOL I love your stories!! This only happens to you, atyaf!! :)