Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sacrifices of a revolutionary

Samir, a protester in Sana'a who has been camped at the square for seven months looked quite upset today. I asked him if like many of us, the current situation is making him depressed. He said: "a little, but it's more the personal problems".  "Like what?" I inquired. he responded:

"well, recently  my parents stopped talking to me, my wife left me and took the kids with her to the village, and on top of that I lost my job.  All of this because I've been camped at the square for seven months now.  My family and everyone in my village are pro-government.  They are upset about my involvement in the revolution.  I tried to go see my wife and kids in the village, but the sheikh of the village promised to detain me and take me to the security forces if I ever showed up.  
The revolution has to succeed or else all this was for nothing"

The revolution must succeed for Samir,  for hundreds of martyrs, for thousands of wounded, for children who lost their parents, and for parents who  lost their children. The revolution must succeed for oppression, tyranny, and injustice to end and for freedom, justice, and equality to prevail.

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dkt said...

Hi. I'm a french/lebanese journalist, based in Paris, preparing a paper about women after revolution in the arab world. Very interested by your blog, I'm wondering if it'll be possible for you to give me an interview? By mail, phone, as you like...