Thursday, September 3, 2009

This too will pass, but when?

There are sharp pieces of glass stuck inside
They have been there for a long long time
I learned to live with the glass
I learned to accept it

But suddenly these pieces of glass moved
And a sharp pain was felt all over my body
There is a bloody trail and pain belonging to many untold stories
All these stories caused by one

Uncontrollable tears run down my face
Thoughts erupting like a volcano in my mind

I’m afraid that others might step on the same pieces of glass
I want to scream, don’t go there

I tried to speak, but they can’t understand me

I know this is just a moment in time.. and I wont always feel this pain
But right now, the pain is so strong
It is taking a hold of me

I need to remember the power of the mind
I need to remember that I can control this
I can’t let myself fall

I just wish I could fast foward time

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