Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Gift

This morning, I was reading "The Gift" by Hafiz. This poem although so simple, made me sad because many people who claim to be so religious have destroyed religion. In their attempt to do "what is right" and to be closer to God, they hurt others, lie, steal, judge everyone else, and sometimes even kill each other in the name of God.

God is love, mercy, and compassion... and our responsibility is really as simple as preserving this love on earth.... instead we have turned in into a living hell with poverty, injustice, and hatred.

Hafiz - “The Gift”


We are the guardians of His Beauty

We are the protectors
Of the Sun.

There is only one reason
We have followed God into this world:

To encourage laughter, freedom, dance
And love.

Let a noble cry inside of you speak to me

Don't just sit there on the moon tonight
Doing nothing -

Help unfurl my heart into the Friend's Mind,
Help, Old Man, to heal my wounded wings!"

We are the companions of His Beauty
We are the guardians
Of Truth.

Every man, plant and creature in Existence,
Every woman, child, vein and note
Is a servant of our Beloved -

A harbinger of joy,
The harbinger of

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