Friday, November 19, 2010

"I'm a Yemeni. I'm not a terrorist" Initiative

Dear all,

Many of us Yemenis are sick and tired of the media's constant portrayal of Yemenis as «terrorists» in a land that welcomes alqaeda. We need to speak out and show the world that we are not what the media says we are. We are a nation and a people with humanitarian traditions and moral ideals. For this reason, and in order to clarify the truth, some of us decided to make a very short clip entitled “I am Yemeni. I am not a Terrorist” that will be similar to this video (

We have a short script that we would like people to follow for a better video production. We will feature Yemenis from various backgrounds, cities, and professions. The clip will be in Arabic with English subtitles. We hope that whoever reads this message will contribute in whatever way they can, so we can produce a good video that will not exceed 5 minutes. We are looking for Yemenis in the following professions: doctor, government official, sheikh, artist, journalist, NGO worker, singer, athlete, lawyer, female police officer, Imam, engineer, Rabbi, and professor, teacher etc.

If you are interested in being featured in this clip or in helping in any way please write me a comment here.


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