Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So-called Regime Change Explained in One Photo

The Eid "gift" to Yemen this year was the reunion of former President Saleh, seen here kissing current President Hadi (who used to be Saleh’s vice President) with the blessing of Military General Ali Muhsin. This was taken at Eid prayer held in Saleh’s $60 million mosque.

Two days later, subsidies for fuel were cut, and the prices have increased once again. Since early 2011, the price has increased by 269% (when leaded petrol was still used).

Not sure how we can look at the families of the martyrs, what are we supposed to tell them:

Viva la Revolution?!


Moisés said...

Nothing changes, unfortunately!!!!

Arnio Titus said...

The anti-systemic nature of the deep rooted yemen makes yemen unpredictable. Only those who have intimate understanding of the heart and nature of yemen will be able to correctly and accurately "explain" and eventually understand what's going on.
those on the hand who lack such understanding will get stuck in a loop of confusion....eventually i anticipate, in loop of denial.
you either sincerely try to understand what's truely happening around you in both scales, macro and micro, or, you will fall in the loop of denial. note that denial is fatally dangerous.