Friday, May 20, 2011

Guerrilla Journalism

This clip by Yemeni film maker Sarah Ishaq gives an idea about the role of citizen journalists in the Yemeni Revolution. Many Yemenis feel responsible to spread information about the Revolution to the world, a feeling that has turned many into citizen journalists.

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Group Yemen, FU Berlin said...

Dear Ms. Alwazir
I am a student of Political Science at the Free University of Berlin in Germany. On June 16th, my fellow students and I will organize a lecture day on the revolts in the Arab world, concentrating especially on their gender aspect in the form of the role of the women in the demonstrations. Of course, also the events in Yemen and the great numbers of participating women are of great interest to us. In addition to presentations and lectures of students and professors of the FU Berlin, we are hoping to be able to interview local actors such as you in order to get a better insight into the events. Would you be interested in giving us an interview, either per web cam or per E-Mail? If yes, please contact me on the following address:

Thank you already in advance and best regards,
Anni Piiparinen