Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why are you monitoring us?

This post is directed to specific people I know who spend so much of their time monitoring activities and reporting back to security apparatus in Yemen. Although I completely disagree with what they do, I must say, I admire their determination and hard work, especially these days when so many people are vocal about their opinions.

Yes, I'm talking about you

I know you are reading this

I know you are forwarding this

I know you are paid to watch me

I know you are paid to catch me

I see that change is necessary

You see change as destructive

You think I'm naive

I think you are selfish

I want equal rights

For you its all about what the sheikh likes

In the mirror what do you see?

will your children find your name amongst the heroes of history?

Or amongst those who supported tyranny?

I often wonder why you choose to do this?

I don't know if it's for fame, money, or glory

Or is it really an ideology?

Like every opinion, this one too will have two sides

And we are both spokesmen for our side

I now see that while you are against me

You may not be against our country

I wish you could see the same in me

Because in the end, we are both Yemeni.


hybrasil said...

Not me! I'm forwarding it... and other blogs.....to let people outside know what's going on! If it's causing problems for you, let me know, and I'll stop!

Anonymous said...

Upsy-daisy! What's up? You mean ME? I am a Woman from Germany.
So you do not appreciate that I read your blog? Why? I am not a spy. I just follow blogs about Yemen, not only yours, also news, twitter... Want to know what's going on in my beloved country AND what is the opinion of EACH side. I think they name this "democracy". Do I need your invitation for reading your blog? It is public.
By the way: Who cut the tongue of the poet? Any new information? I expected a sharp condemning from the leading heads of the pro-democracy-movement. Can you help me to find it? I really supported your movement from the first time. You were the bright and good future of Yemen, the upcoming leaders. But now I am disappointed. I do not trust you anymore. You scare me.

WomanfromYemen said...

Dear all, i'm really sorry to confuse you.. i was talking specifically about Yemenis (in particular some ppl) who are paid to monitor activists and anyone who speaks out, and then they write report "on us" that they send to security. My blog is public and ANYONE can forward or use the information. this was just my way of expressing my disappointment in some of my fellow Yemenis.

WomanfromYemen said...

also, about the poet, there are wide debates about what happened, none of the opposition believe any of them did it, and it was widely condemned. everyone is asking for real investigations to find out what really happened. if it really was an individual act by an opposition member, it will still be widely criticized by all of us, b/c this is not the change we want.

WomanfromYemen said...

finally, thanks for pointing this out to me, after reading your comments, i changed the title & added info on what i meant by my text. So thanks!

Afrah Nasser said...

God bless you 7bibty. Never let them stop you..they never can. All I can do is sending you positive and strong energy. :*

Taha Abdoh said...

not me ,I swear
nice poem ,I wish I could rap it

hybrasil said...

That's ok; there have always been spies. Unfortunately, that kind of thing destroys trust between people. I was just worried that our forwarding your stuff might cause you more problems there. As if you all didn't have enough problems. God help you. I wish there was something we could do.

WomanfromYemen said...

no of course your forwarding this message is not bad, in fact the opposite. I write b/c i want the world to know about Yemen. So please feel free to share anything you like from this blog. Yesterday I wrote a more personal post expressing my feelings regarding a specific person who i know. Sorry it was misunderstood :) thanks for your continued support.

ROOJ said...

love <3