Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unity Day

Saleh often shows off about his success of unifying the country, especially with large military shows on May 22, 2011, the date of unification. Since unity, the actions of the government have done nothing to implement real unity. Stolen lands from Southern people, rampant corruption and unemployment in the South have only served to intensify grievances. Government has been insincere in addressing these grievenes which resulted in a movement to call for separation. While many activists in the North spoke about southern grievances it was not enough to put pressure on the government. People in the South felt alone for what they perceived as the silence of their brothers and sisters against injustice.

This Revolution served to address some of these wounds. Yemenis felt an affinity to "Yemen" like never before. Unity celebrations filled the squares of change. The only thing that jeopardizes unity is Saleh's regime. A new Yemen with justice, equality, and decentralization is the only solution to maintaining unity in Yemen.

Some photos from pro-change unity day celebration in 60 road in Sana'a. To see the full gallery click here

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