Monday, May 16, 2011

My love oh Yemen Song

Yemeni Talent is rising & youth are expressing their emotions and feelings towards the Revolution through various means. My love oh Yemen is one of the latest revolutionary songs by Watany Initiative.
Song writer & Singer: Ahmed Khalid
Lyrics: Majid al-Jabry

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hybrasil said...

God help Yemen....

Gin said...

It is the first time I see so many images of your country in a single video. :-) It is shocking the contrast among Yemeni women: I see women wearing no headscarf, women with hijab and women with niqab. Amazing contrast.

Indeed, it is a nice song, I like the sound of the singer's voice.

WomanfromYemen said...

glad you liked it, i agree, the video shows a lot of Yemen. Like you said there is a diversity in Yemen that most people dont know about.